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Volunteers are the backbone of the Meals on Wheels movement. This March, join the network of 2 million volunteers who are making a difference in the lives of seniors across the country. By donating your lunch break, you can help the Meals on Wheels program in your community to reach the 1 in 6 seniors who might not know where their next meal is coming from.


There are numerous volunteer opportunities at Meals on Wheels programs, though specific needs will vary from one location to another. We need help from people with varied interests and abilities – whether you want to be hands-on or behind the scenes. Timing is also flexible, although most deliveries take place before or around noon.
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DELIVER - Pick up meals at a central location and hand-deliver them directly to seniors' homes. We call this "doing lunch!"

- Help in the kitchen by preparing meals and packing for delivery.

SERVE - Serve food, assist and clean up after meals served at group social settings for seniors who can still leave their homes.

OFFICE SUPPORT - Help out in the office by contributing much-needed administrative, professional and clerical support.

EVENT ASSISTANCE - Support a local fundraising event by planning, organizing, generating publicity, setting up and much more.

SAFETY CHECK - Call seniors from your own home on your own schedule to check in between visits.